Bwari Area Council, FCT, Abuja

Certificate Courses

class="bigfont">InCLAS offers the possibility of doing short term courses either in the Diploma or PG stream of studies. To secure certificate for the short term courses attended, they need to go through the process of evaluation conducted at the end of the courses and the marks will be registered. There is also the possibility to audit courses for short term period. Such students will not be given certificates.

  1. To be admitted to the certificate course in the theology of consecrated Life the student should have completed the pre –University or its equivalent, have basic catechetical and theological formation, and adequate knowledge of English.
  2. The students who do not fulfill the entire academic requirement for obtaining the diploma are considered certificate students. They may attend the whole one year diploma programme or part of it. On the day of Convocation at the end of the academic year they get the certificate and mark the list for the courses and other curricular activities which they have successfully completed in the course of the year.

Some course Highlights for Certificate Courses

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence, conflict and self management.
  • The relationship between leading and management.
  • Analysis of personal leadership style.
  • Managing conflict
    • Respond to conflict
    • Effective measures for preventing conflicts.
    • Top tips on managing conflicts network place.
    • Managing the body language during conflict.
  • Building Social Awareness and interpersonal effectiveness
    • Evaluating the impact of emotion on performance
    • Facilitation effective communication in work place.

There is also a program for Certificate in Counselling Psychology