Bwari Area Council, FCT, Abuja


To obtain the grade of Masters, it is necessary to have:

  1. Successfully completed the biennial curriculum of studies foreseen for the masters.
  2. Successfully completed at least 13 fundamental Courses indicated in the programme of study (56 credits);
  3. Successfully completed a minimum of 5 optional courses (10 Credits) and 2 seminars (6credits) proposed in the programme of study ;
  4. Submitted a thesis (15credits) duly completed on a theme selected and developed under the direction of a member of the teaching body ;
  5. Passed the comprehensive examination (de Universo).

Specialisation Courses

Interfaith Studies

  1. Religion, Violence and Reconciliation
  2. Islam and Modern Muslim Thinkers
  3. Christianity and Islam Seminar
  4. Psychology of Religion and Social Work Research

Biblical Studies

  1. African Biblical Hermeneutics
  2. Pneumatology and Charism
  3. Biblical Concepts of Consecrated Life
  4. Consecrated Life: Mysticism and Prophecy

Systematic Theology

  1. Contextual Theologies: Challenges and Methods
  2. Theology of Interreligious Dialogue
  3. African Traditional Religion
  4. Ecclesiology and Ecumenism

Moral Theology

  1. Afro-Christian Sexual Ethics And Conjugal Morality
  2. Eco-theology and Ethics
  3. Christian Bioethics
  4. Seminar Social and Peace Ethics

Historical Theology

  1. Patrology
  2. History of Doctrine
  3. History of Mission and Evangelization
  4. Church and Theology in the Middle Ages

Pastoral Theology

  1. Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology
  2. Inculturation and the Sacraments in Africa
  3. Theology, Mental Health and Disability
  4. Catechetics and Contextual Religious Education

General Studies

  1. Academic English for Theology and Religious Studies
  2. Practical and Empirical Methods
  3. Community Service


  1. Basic Skills in Accounting and Management (2 Credit Units)
  2. Canon Law, Rights and Obligations of Christian Faithful
  3. Counselling and Psychology (2 Credit Units)
  4. Ecclesiastical Latin (2 Credit Units)
  5. Feminist Studies (2 Credit Units)
  6. French Language (2 Credit Units)
  7. Leadership Seminar (2 Credit Units)
  8. Seminar Gospel Studies (2 Credit Units)
  9. Youth Ministry: Models and Practices (2 Credit Units)

Master's Thesis

Some Elective Courses

  1. BEFE: Bioethics and Feminism MRL141
  2. REME: Research Methodology MRL 142
  3. WEGJ: Women Empowerment and Gender Justices [MRL244]
  4. MACL: Mariology Consecrated Life [MRL245]
  5. EVED: Evangelization, Ecumenism, and Dialogue [MRL246]